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“Herético” is the unexpected convergence between BLACK CROSS and SONNEILLON, two bands that, although considerably different in their sound, tread in the darkest meanders guided by the deepest darkness.
BLACK CROSS a cult band from the Portuguese underground scene, was formed in 1983 in Barreiro and is unanimously considered the first Portuguese Black Metal band.
This release includes the songs “Heavy Metal” [originally from 1986 and now re-recorded] and the previously unreleased “Necrofilia” and “Sob o Signo de Black Cross” recorded exclusively for “Herético”.
SONNEILLON is a Black Metal band from Oporto. Last year, they have celebrated 15 years of existence punctuated by more than a dozen releases, including albums, EP’s and splits, always in extreme Black Metal of a Satanist nature.
For “Herético”, they contribute with the songs “Do Antigo Céu Nocturno”, “Catacumba e Pestilência”, “Mil Serpentes a Meus Pés”, also exclusively for this release.
This release is limited to a very small run including an extended 16 pages booklet including lyrics, photos and much more! [never to be repressed again]

Weight 150 g