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V12 – RIDE ON THE ROAD (Unreleased 1992) [CD]

V12 – RIDE ON THE ROAD (Unreleased 1992) [CD]


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V12 were one of the most acclaimed Portuguese Heavy Metal bands of the 80’s, with an album released in 1990 by Polygram Records, an accomplishment very few Metal/Hard Rock bands had at the time in the country.
With the change of singer after the album, Celia Lawson joined V12 and the sound shifted to a more Hard Rock style.
These are the Demos for the planned second album, that never happened in the end of 1992. A time where Hard Rock was becoming disposable to major labels. This release elevates V12 as part of the Portugal Hard Rock elite and serves as testimony of an album that could break barriers internationally, with dynamic female vocals, quality guitar work and classy songwriting.
Digitally remastered demos, presented in a 16-page booklet with rare photos, band history and lyrics to all songs.
Limited to 300 copies!

File Under: Hard Rock, Glam Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal.
For fans of: Phantom Blue, Femme Fatale, D.C. Lacroix and Malteze.

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